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Bahrain Rated Most Business-friendly Country in the Gulf

Gulf Daily News, March 24, 2009

Manama, Bahrain is the number one place in the Gulf to do business, according to global experts. It has been rated the most business-friendly country in the GCC and 33rd in the world by Forbes, the world’s most prestigious business magazine.

The report highlights a series of factors that have already attracted numerous multinational firms to Bahrain, including the kingdom’s diversified economy, its well established financial services sector and leading position in Islamic finance and its highly developed communications and transport infrastructure.

“Bahrain provides the most attractive business environment for international companies looking to access the markets of the Gulf and wider Middle East,” said Bahrain Economic Development chief operating officer Kamul Ahmed.

“Our strong business track record and long-term strategy of economic diversification is backed by the highest and most transparent regulatory and supervisory standards in the region. Our well-developed infrastructure maximizes our strategic location as the gateway to the Gulf.”


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